31 Oct 2012

Secret police indicted over murder of Spanish diplomat

10:55 am on 31 October 2012

A judge in Spain has indicted seven former members of the Chilean secret police in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a Spanish diplomat during Chile's military rule.

Judge Pablo Ruz also ordered international arrest warrants for the seven accused, on charges of genocide, murder and kidnapping.

UN diplomat Carmelo Soria was working in Chile when he was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 1976.

His body was placed in his car, and the car driven into a canal. It was pulled from the canal two days later.

Mr Soria was one of about 3000 people killed during General Augusto Pinochet's rule from 1973 - 1990.

The BBC reports the case was brought by the President Allende Foundation in Spain.