13 Nov 2012

£757m equal pay payment facing council

7:55 am on 13 November 2012

Birmingham City Council has revealed it will have to pay at least £757 million to settle equal pay claims brought by women who missed out on bonuses to male employees.

A group of 174 people who worked in traditionally-female roles won a ruling at the Supreme Court in October.

The £757 million includes claims by the group, all but four of whom were women, and hundreds of other council employees.

The BBC reports they worked in such jobs as cooks, cleaners and care staff and discovered they had been denied bonuses given to staff in traditionally male-dominated roles such as refuse collectors and street cleaners.

The equal pay settlement figures were issued publicly for the first time as part of a report by auditors Grant Thornton.

The council said at the end of March is still to pay £541 million of the total £757 million in claims.