14 Nov 2012

Police should face action over taser death: NSW Coroner

11:09 pm on 14 November 2012

The New South Wales coroner has made damning findings against police, saying they acted like schoolboys in The Lord of the Flies when they tasered a Brazilian student in Sydney.

Roberto Laudisio Curti died in the central city after police fired tasers at him 14 times, seven of them within 51 seconds, following a chase early on 18 March.

Coroner Mary Jerram says the actions of police were reckless and excessive, and constituted an abuse of police power, the ABC reports.

She strongly recommended disciplinary action be taken against five officers involved in the confrontation.

Curti's family has welcomed that finding, but is pushing for criminal charges to be laid against the officers concerned.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has agreed with the recommendation the five officers be brought before the Police Integrity Commission:

However, Commissioner Andrew Scipione defended the use of tasers, saying they would continue to save lives in other cases.