21 Nov 2012

Australian monitors wanted for Malay poll

10:48 am on 21 November 2012

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim wants Australia to send electoral monitors to watch preparations for a forthcoming national election.

Mr Ibrahim is concerned the election, which must be held by June 2013, will be rigged, citing evidence the electoral roll includes a large number of people eligible to vote but who were not allowed to vote.

Others far too young to vote, between age two and 12, are also on the roll, he says.

"Yesterday the election commission in private discussions with members of parliament admitted they were at fault," Mr Ibrahim told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

The commission was supposed to be independent but its public statements reflected the views of the ruling United Malays National Organisation party, he said.

Mr Ibrahim said election commission members were political appointees and some were even card-carrying members of UMNO.