21 Nov 2012

India hangs Mumbai terrorist

11:32 pm on 21 November 2012

The only surviving gunman captured during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, which killed more than 150 people, has been hanged.

Indian officials say Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani national, was executed in prison in the city of Pune after the Indian president rejected a petition for mercy.

Kasab was one of 10 gunmen who laid siege to Mumbai for nearly three days attacking luxury hotels, a railway station, a synagogue and other targets.

He was found guilty of waging war, murder and committing a terrorist act, the BBC reports.

A senior commander of Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group, which India blames for the assault on Mumbai, called Kasab a hero and says he will inspire more attacks.

The Pakistan Taliban says it is shocked by the hanging.