30 Nov 2012

Cathedral performance to be banned on internet sites

9:24 am on 30 November 2012

A court in Moscow has ruled that a video showing a performance by Pussy Riot in the main cathedral in Moscow in February should be banned from internet sites.

The song, critical of Vladimir Putin, led to three of the female punk band's members being found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.

Two of the women were sentenced to two years in prison.

Their "punk prayer" has been viewed nearly 2.4 million times on YouTube.

Now, the BBC reports websites that fail to remove the clips may be blocked. The court issued a list of websites carrying the clips.

The court said on Thursday its ruling was based on conclusions by a panel of experts who studied the footage, showing band members in colourful dresses, tights and ski masks dancing in front of the altar of Christ The Saviour Cathedral.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin of the Russian Orthodox Church, welcomed the court verdict.