3 Dec 2012

Hpy day SMS

11:34 pm on 3 December 2012

It's 20 years to the day since the first text message or SMS was sent.

In 1992, a British phone company employee, Neil Papworth, wished a colleague Merry Christmas, via Short Messaging Service, the BBC reports.

Since then, trillions of text messages have been sent.

The spread of mobile phone technology has made them a global phenomenon but Mr Papworth thinks there may be another reason for their popularity.

"One of its advantages and disadvantages is that it's fairly impersonal," he says.

"If you talk to someone you can't always tell them what you think or you know, you can't say 'You're an idiot' or something like that, whereas if you send a text you know it's just gone and you don't have to deal with that inter-personal relationship."