10 Dec 2012

More solar power for Alice Springs

11:31 am on 10 December 2012

Another solar power system has been commissioned in Alice Springs - helping the town generate 10% of its daytime electricity from the sun.

The 162 kilowatt solar system is located on the Araleun Arts Centre and is the last of five major solar projects there.

Alice Solar City general manager Sam Latz said the sun would now provide up to 10% of the daytime electricity consumption and 3% of the town's total electricity needs.

''Overnight needs (are) being met with electricity from the grid," Mr Latz said as the system was launched on Monday.

AAP reports more solar panels will be added to the arts centre system in 2013, taking its total capacity to 180kw. That will allow it to generate 330 megawatts of electricity.