16 Dec 2012

102 arrests in Sydney shoplift blitz

12:47 pm on 16 December 2012

Police in Sydney arrested 102 people during a pre-Christmas blitz on shoplifting at major retail centres in the city.

Operation Lightfingers was conducted from Tuesday to Saturday within the CBD and at Eastgardens and Broadway.

AAP reports it led to the arrests of 102 people, who were charged with 135 offences, and the recovery of more than $A27,000 in stolen goods.

Of those arrested: 20 were charged to appear in court, 30 received field court attendance notices, 35 were given criminal infringement notices and 12 juveniles received formal cautions.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell said the Christmas shopping period usually generated an increase in shoplifting.

"More often than not, we are seeing people get arrested over something relatively cheap and I have to wonder if any item is really worth a criminal record," he said in a statement on Sunday.