23 Dec 2012

No more extravagance allowed

11:02 am on 23 December 2012

China has announced steps to counter extravagance by senior army officers as part of anti-corruption measures launched by the new leadership.

Measures approved by the Communist Party Central Committee on 4 December include a ban on elaborate banquets for top military officials.

Xinhua news agency said receptions for high-ranking officers will no longer feature luxury banquets or alcohol.

Welcome banners, red carpets, floral arrangements and souvenirs are no lonmger permitted either.

The BBC reports officials will also no longer be allowed to stay in luxury hotels during inspection tours and vehicles will not be allowed to make excessive use of sirens.

Xinhau also said the spouses, children and subordinates of military officials must not take bribes.

Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping has warned of unrest if corruption and perceived privilege are not tackled.

In a separate report, Xinhua said the Beijing Municipality had also introduced the rules for civilian staff. Beijing officials on business will now have simple buffets, rather than banquets.