1 Jan 2013

Execution wanted for rapists of woman who died

12:43 pm on 1 January 2013

The brother of an Indian woman who died after being gang raped says her family will not rest until her killers are hanged.

Six men are facing murder charges after luring the woman onto a bus in New Delhi on 16 December and then taking turns to rape her before throwing her out of the moving vehicle.

The ABC reports her family said in an interview with the Indian Express newspaper that they would fight to have them executed.

"The fight has just begun. We want all the accused hanged, and we will fight for that, till the end," her brother said in the interview.

The woman, 23, died of her injuries in a Singapore hospital on Saturday. Her body was flown back to Delhi where it was cremated on Sunday.

The ABC reports India has the death penalty on its statute book although executions are rarely carried out.