14 Jan 2013

Oracle updates Java to fix security flaw

1:34 pm on 14 January 2013

An emergency update has been released to the widely used Java software for surfing the internet, after the US government urged people to disable the programme because of a bug it said made computers vulnerable to attack by hackers.

Technology company Oracle says its update fixes two vulnerabilities in the Java 7 version, Reuters reports.

But security expert Adam Gowdiak, who has discovered several bugs in the software over the past year, says the update leaves unfixed several critical security flaws.

Security experts have been scrutinizing the safety of Java since a similar security scare in August.

Java is a computer language that enables programmers to write software utilizing just one set of codes that will run on virtually any type of computer, including ones that use Microsoft Corp's Windows, Apple Inc's OS X and Linux, an operating system widely employed by corporations.