16 Jan 2013

MP killed by bomber

8:23 am on 16 January 2013

A suicide bomber killed a Sunni Iraqi MP and six others on Tuesday.

Ayfan Saadun al-Essawi, 37, was inspecting a road under construction south of Fallujah, when a man approached him, hugged him, said ''Allahu Akbar'' and blew himself up.

The ABC reports finance minister Rafa al-Essawi, a member of the same tribe, escaped an assassination attempt two days before near the same location.

Mr Essawi was also a former leader of the Sahwa, a collection of tribal militias that turned against Al Qaeda and sided with the US military from late 2006.

He was inducted into parliament after another Sunni MP, Khaled al-Fahdawi, was killed in a suicide attack at the Umm al-Qura mosque in west Baghdad in August 2011.

Provincial elections are due in three months and a general election is to be held next year.