23 Jan 2013

UN tightens North Korea sanctions

12:20 pm on 23 January 2013

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned North Korea's December rocket launch and expanded existing UN sanctions against Pyongyang.

The resolution was approved on Tuesday by the 15-nation body as a result of a deal between the United States and China.

Even though the resolution does not impose new sanctions on Pyongyang, China's support for it was a significant diplomatic blow to Pyongyang, diplomats told Reuters.

The resolution said the council "deplores the violations" by North Korea of its previous resolutions, which banned Pyongyang from conducting further ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

It also said the council expresses its determination to take significant action in the event of a further North Korean launch or nuclear test.

The resolution added six North Korean entities, including Pyongyang's space agency, the Korean Committee for Space Technology, and the man heading it, Paek Chang-ho, to an already existing UN blacklist. It also added three other individuals to the blacklist.

The firms and individuals will face an international asset freeze, while Paek and the others blacklisted by Tuesday's resolution will also face a global travel ban.