26 Jan 2013

4.8 quake in northern Italy

6:04 am on 26 January 2013

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred in northern Italy on Friday. There are no reports of injuries or damage.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said the quake struck at 3.48pm at a depth of 15.5km, 35km north of the city of Lucca. It was felt as far away as Milan and Florence.

The BBC reports several aftershocks of lower magnitude were felt across a large area.

Italy is prone to earthquakes. Almost 300 people died in a quake in L'Aquila in the central Abruzzo region in 2009.

Two earthquakes in northern Italy left more than 20 people dead last May. The strongest tremor was magnitude 6.0 and there was significant damage.