27 Jan 2013

Cannons raised from sunken wreck

6:06 am on 27 January 2013

Marine archaeologists working on a wreck off the coast of Sicily have raised five cannons dating from the early 18th century.

Markings on a piece of cutlery found nearby have led them to believe they were from a British ship sunk in 1718 at the Battle of Passaro.

More than 60 ships were involved in the battle, which ended in defeat for the Spanish. At the time, the British were attempting to drive them out of Sicily.

The cannon have now been brought to the surface, after 300 years underwater, and cleaned.

According to the archaeologists, they are in such fine condition that - in some places - the barrels still gleam in the light.

The BBC reports the discovery has helped pinpoint the exact location of the battle.

The letters LONDO were found on some cutlery below what appeared to be a picture of an English rose.