7 Feb 2013

Monopoly fans vote for new token to replace iron

10:08 am on 7 February 2013

Fans of the board game Monopoly have voted to replace one of the traditional eight tokens used to move around the board with.

Releasing the result of a month-long online poll, toy-maker Hasbro says the iron is out and a cat-shaped playing piece will take its place.

It says the cat beat competition from a robot, a helicopter, a diamond ring and a guitar.

The iron was one of the original tokens introduced by the Parker Brothers in 1935. Previous tokens retired in the 1950s included a lantern, a purse and a rocking-horse, the BBC reports.

The cat will join the existing tokens, which include a thimble, a top hat and a battleship,

when new versions of Monopoly come out later this year.