10 Feb 2013

Prison sentence for officer who passed secrets to Russia

9:09 am on 10 February 2013

An ex-navy intelligence officer in Canada has been sentenced to prison for 20 years after pleading guilty to selling classified NATO information to Russia.

Sub-Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle, 41, who was arrested in January last year, was also fined CA$111,000.

He admitted emailing secret files shared by Canada, the United States and other NATO allies to Russia for four years.

Delisle was found guilty of giving classified information to "a foreign entity" between July 2007 - January 2012.

He had worked at top secret Canadian naval military facilities where he had clearance to intelligence-sharing systems.

After volunteering his services at the Russian embassy in Ottawa in 2007, he copied secret information on to memory sticks for nearly four years, in exchange for a monthly fee of $3000.