12 Feb 2013

Iranian TV channel no longer broadcast in Nth America

8:47 pm on 12 February 2013

Iran's Press TV channel has been dropped from a satellite platform that allowed it to broadcast in the United States and Canada.

It was broadcast in North America on the Galaxy 19 satellite platform.

The English-language, 24-hour network carries world news and pro-government views. It is owned by the state.

Press TV said in a statement on Friday evening that it was being dropped from Galaxy 19.

New sanctions were announced last week by the US Treasury Department against the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and IRIB director Ezatollah Zarghami.

In October, Eutelsat, in Paris, cut 19 radio and television channels provided by IRIB, including Press TV, to comply with tougher European Union sanctions against Iran.

Galaxy 19 is operated by Intelsat, based in Luxembourg.