18 Feb 2013

Foreigners kidnapped in Nigeria

5:11 am on 18 February 2013

Gunmen kidnapped seven foreigners in northern Nigeria after storming the compound of a construction company early on Sunday.

A security guard was killed when the camp at Jama'are in Bauchi state was attacked.

Two of the captives are Lebanese, one is Italian, one is a Filipino and another is Greek.

The raid was preceded by an attack on a police station, where two vehicles were blown up in the town of Jama'are, 200km north of the state capital, Bauchi.

The attackers then moved on to the camp belonging to Setraco, which has a major roading contract.

No-one has admitted the abductions, but the Boko Haram group has staged a series of attacks in northern Nigeria.

Kidnapping of foreigners and wealthy Nigerians is common in the southern Niger Delta region.

Oil workers and other foreign nationals are often targeted because their employers pay high ransoms money to secure their release.