6 Mar 2013

UK Batman identity revealed

5:34 am on 6 March 2013

A mystery man who walked into a police station in England dressed as Batman to hand over a criminal has revealed himself as a Chinese takeaway delivery man.

Stan Worby, 39, said he had been at a football match dressed as the superhero when a friend called him asking for help in handing himself in to police.

So he accompanied Danny Frayne, 27, to Bradford police station as a favour at 1.30am on 25 February, after returning from Bradford City's cup final match against Swansea at Wembley stadium in London.

Warby told the Daybreak programme on ITV that he was "gobsmacked" by the attention, but admitted that he had attracted some "strange looks".

"Obviously he wanted to get straight down there and I wanted my bed as it was half (past) one in the morning," Mr Worby said.

He insisted that pictures which showed he perhaps lacked the body of a superhero, were unfair.

"I've got my full tracksuit underneath," he explained.

His friend was wanted in connection with a number of offences. He was later charged with handling stolen goods and fraud, and will appear in court on Friday.