8 Mar 2013

Gunman wounded after stand-off at Brisbane mall

9:36 pm on 8 March 2013

A dramatic stand-off in a busy Australian mall has ended, with a gunman wounded after holding police at bay with a handgun for more than an hour on Friday.

Queensland police used rubber bullets to knock down the man brandishing a gun at the Queen Street Mall in central Brisbane.

Shoppers were forced to flee and buildings in the central city were placed in lockdown as the shirtless and heavily tattooed man began waving the gun around and screaming.

The 34-year-old was eventually surrounded by heavily armed police officers in the middle of the mall, the ABC reports.

Businessman Simon Brown was sitting at a cafe as the late morning drama unfolded.

"It was a mother of a gun. He just looked at the cops - it's as though he didn't hear a word they said. He just kept pointing the gun."

The mall was evacuated as staff and customers locked themselves inside shops.

After more than an hour of negotiations, police used non-lethal rounds to subdue the man. They said he received only minor injuries and is in custody.

Police said the man is known to them and a small calibre handgun has been recovered.

No one else was hurt in the incident.