16 Mar 2013

Extinct frog's embryo produced in Australia

11:04 am on 16 March 2013

Australian scientists have produced an embryo of an extinct frog that could swallow its eggs, brood its young in its stomach and give birth through its mouth.

The gastric brooding frog existed until 30 years ago and a team of Australian scientists has taken the first major step in bringing it back to life.

They have successfully reactivated its DNA and produced an embryo, the ABC reports.

Professor Mike Archer from the University of New South Wales say researchers located a few carcasses stored in a freezer.

Using a laboratory technique known as somatic cell nuclear transfer, they have implanted a dead cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another related frog.

So far the embryo has only survived 36 hours but Professor Archer has told the ABC he is confident that producing a tadpole is only a step away.