16 Mar 2013

Sydney shooting was a hit - detectives

10:53 pm on 16 March 2013

New South Wales police say a man shot in Sydney's south-west may have been lured to his death.

Khaled Kahwaji, 29, was found with several gunshot wounds on Wilbur Street in Greenacre around 6:15pm on Friday next to the open driver's door of his silver Mazda 3.

He died in what police say was a targeted killing, the ABC reports.

Police also confirm that since the killing, a number of raids have been carried out on nearby homes.

Detective Inspector Russel Oxford from the Homicide Squad says the victim was from Rhodes in the city's inner-west.

"The key to us now is to find out what's caused this, this is a targeted shooting," he said.

"Not that that justifies it or makes it any better.

"Simply the case [is] that this man was obviously targeted.

"He arrived in Wilbur Street and shortly after been shot so the key for us is to find out what's he doing in this area and what's he doing in this street."


Khawaji's distraught family arrived soon after police. His mother was so upset, she was fainting.

Detectives are investigating whether the murder is linked to two shootings in the suburb of Auburn last weekend, including the kneecapping of a crime family matriarch.

The woman is the aunt of Bassam Hamzy, the convicted murderer and high-security Supermax prisoner who started the Brothers For Life street gang.

Police believe the gang has links to six other shooting murders and a number of other attacks in south-west Sydney in the past seven months.

Kahwaji was himself charged with murder in 2010 over the shooting of a man during a touch football game at nearby Roberts Park, but the case was dropped.