7 Apr 2013

Actor now out of prison

6:21 am on 7 April 2013

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes has been released from prison in the United States after serving time for not paying his taxes.

He was jailed in Pennsylvania in 2010 for three years for failing to file income tax returns and will remain under house arrest for the next four months in order to complete his sentence.

Snipes, 50, is most famous for the Blade trilogy about a vampire hunter.

Prosecutors argued that Snipes had earned more than $US38 million between 1999 - 2006, but failed to file income tax returns or pay any taxes during that time.

He was released from prison in northwestern Pennsylvania on Tuesday and will be under house arrest until 19 July.

It was not known where Snipes will serve the remainder of his sentence. He was a resident of the suburb of Windermere in Orlando, Florida, at the time of his conviction.