7 Apr 2013

Kurds killed in airstrike in Aleppo

1:30 pm on 7 April 2013

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a government airstrike on a Kurdish district in the city of Aleppo has left 15 people dead, including nine children.

The organisation said in London that southern Damascus and Qadam in the south-west were also targeted by the Syrian air force on Saturday.

It said Kurdish fighters later killed five soldiers in a revenge attack on an army checkpoint.

Meanwhile, President Bashar al-Assad has told Turkish television that a rebel victory might destabilise the Middle East for decades.

"The situation will inevitably spill over into neighbouring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond ... spreading east, west, north and south.

''This will lead to a state of instability for years and maybe decades to come," he said.

The uprising began two years ago. Rebels hold several eastern and southern districts of Damascus and pose a growing challenge in the southern province of Deraa. They also hold territory in the north and east of the country.