2 May 2013

Man gored to death in bull ring

6:26 am on 2 May 2013

A bull has gored to death a man in southern Japan just a month after attacking his father and breaking the older man's ribs.

NHK said on Wednesday that owner Rikiya Tomi, 40, was set upon as he tried to show the animal to friends on the islet of Tokunoshima.

The 1100kg beast speared him in the chest as he tried to entice it from the ring. He was confirmed dead at a hospital two hours later.

The bull attacked Tomi's father early last month, breaking a number of ribs, Kyodo News reported, citing an association overseeing the island's bullfighting industry.

Tokunoshima is famed in Japan for its bull-on-bull fights, which have a tradition stretching back several hundred years. The season begins at the end of this week.