17 May 2013

Budget emergency measurers outlined by Abbott

7:53 am on 17 May 2013

Opposition leader Tony Abbott told the Australian parliament on Thursday night that "thanks to Labor's poor management over five years, there is now a budget emergency."

AAP reports he pledged superannuation, the public service, humanitarian and greens schemes would be targeted by the coalition to fund tax cuts and pension rises.

Mr Abbott outlined almost $A5 billion in savings, with most of the cuts to come from superannuation changes.

If the opposition wins government in September, AAP reports it will discontinue the low income superannuation contribution that is part of Labor's mining tax package, to save almost $A1 billion.

It will delay by two years a phased increase in the superannuation guarantee charge from 9% to 12% to 2021, to save $A1.1 billion per year.

The public service payroll will be cut by 12,000 over two years, saving $A1.75 billion and an increase of 6250 in Australia's humanitarian intake and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation will both go.

All the savings would go to retaining tax cuts and increases in fortnightly pension and benefits promised by the government.

"The carbon tax will go but no one's personal tax will increase and no one's fortnightly pension or benefit will reduce," Mr Abbott said.

Treasurer Wayne Swan handed down the federal budget for 2013/14 on Tuesday and projected deficits for this financial year and the next two, before heading into the black from 2015/16.