24 May 2013

Life in prison recommended for owner of collapsed factory

6:19 am on 24 May 2013

A Bangladeshi government report on the recent collapse of an eight-storey factory building has recommended that the owner of the building and the owners of five garment factories operating in it should all be imprisoned for life.

More than 1100 people died in the Rana Plaza disaster on 24 April and about 2500 others were injured.

The report said the building had been constructed with sub-standard materials on unsuitable land.

Cracks appeared in the walls the day before the collapse.

The building owners are in custody awaiting trial.

Investigator Mainuddin Khandker told BBC Bangla on Wednesday that the 400 page report has identified five causes of the collapse.

The report also recommends confiscating the land on which the factory was built; providing financial support to the families of those who died and who were injured and forming a department specifically to deal with this sector of the garment industry to prevent a repeat of such incidents.