1 Jun 2013

22.6% rise in Queensland power prices

10:05 am on 1 June 2013

Households in Queensland are to pay an extra $268 per year for electricity from 1 July.

The Queensland Competition Authority announced a rise of 22.6% on Friday - the most significant increase since 2009.

AAP reports the typical household bill will rise from $A1184 to $A1451.

"It's a very significant rise and we do appreciate it's going to strain many family budgets," QCA chairman Malcolm Roberts said. "It'll also have an impact on businesses."

Small businesses are in line for an increase of up to 17.4% and big businesses about 13%.

Mr Roberts said higher network costs, including the maintenance of poles and wires, were driving the increase.

Network costs also include the solar subsidies and network costs deferred in 2012-13 because of a freeze of the tariffs.

"They (network costs) make up almost half of the bill, and they have increased substantially," he said.

State Treasurer Tim Nicholls and Energy Minister Mark McArdle released a joint statement blaming the increase partly on the federal carbon tax and a solar bonus scheme.

Mr McArdle said Queenslanders would save about 15% on their bills if the federal government axed the carbon tax.