4 Jun 2013

Review of speed limits in Queensland

9:50 am on 4 June 2013

Speed limits on some roads in Queensland may be lifted above 110km per hour. Others may be lowered.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson wants 100 roads identified where the limit should be either increased or decreased. Motorists will have input.

Mr Emerson said research has found motorists tend to break the law if there is not an appropriate speed limit.

"We're going to go out to the community and ask them to nominate roads for us, then we'll identify 100 of those that we think need to be reviewed," he said.

"The community out there will have a sense of the roads they travel on and what's the appropriate speed.

"I expect some people will argue certain roads in their area should have the speed reduced, others may argue come roads should have their speed improved.

"That may mean that in some cases the speeds go down, in other cases the speeds go up, and in other cases there's no change."

Mr Emerson said it is the first major review of speed limits on roads in Queensland in nearly 20 years.