22 Jun 2013

Purple coin marks Queen's coronation

8:01 am on 22 June 2013

The Royal Australian Mint has produced a purple-striped coin to mark the 60th anniversay of the Queen's coronation.

The coin features three regal purple concentric stripes bordering a crown.

Two million $2 coins, designed after extensive consultation with Buckingham Palace, were circulated on Friday.

The mint's chief executive, Ross MacDiarmid, told the ABC that making a purple coin presented technical difficulties.

"It was a bit of a challenge - there was no, as far as we know, colour that can continuously survive on any metal. We've come up with a technology and capability that enables us to ensure that the colour stays on this particular coin as long as possible."

The Queen celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation service on 2 June this year. Her Diamond Jubilee was held in 2012 to mark the anniversary of her accession to the throne.