6 Jul 2013

Message in a bottle penpals finally meet

1:12 pm on 6 July 2013

A man who threw a message in a bottle into the English Channel as a boy 34 years ago has finally met the French woman who found it.

Businessman Adrian Lomas, 43, of Chester, threw his bottle into the sea aged nine and it was found by Emmanuelle Demeautis, who was also nine.

The BBC reports they became penpals, but never managed to meet.

Mr Lomas threw the bottle overboard on the way back from a trip to the Channel Islands, not expecting to hear anything more.

His message read:

"My name is Adrian Lomas - I'm aged nine and live in England, if you find this letter please write to me."

Ms Demeautis, who illustrates books with her husband, found it while she was walking her dog on Cherbourg beach.

The BBC reports they have now met for the first time on the Causeway of the Mont Saint-Michel and plan to meet again with their respective families.

"It was a really emotional meeting," said Mr Lucas. "We both know each other so well, both have families and are interested in similar things.''