6 Jul 2013

Different time zone mooted for Ireland

1:44 pm on 6 July 2013

Irish politicians are considering a plan to shift the Republic of Ireland into a different time zone.

A member's bill proposes that clocks would be brought forward by one hour, bringing the Republic into the Central European time zone.

If agreed, the BBC reports, it would mean people travelling between Northern Ireland and the Republic would have to adjust their watches as they crossed the border.

The Brighter Evenings Bill would see the Republic undergo a three-year time zone experiment.

It was to be debated as a private member's bill in the Dail (Parliament) on Friday.

If the bill gets support, clocks would move one hour forward as usual in March, but would not move back in October, bringing the state into line with most countries in Europe.

After the first adjustment, Irish clocks would then move forward and back in summer and winter as usual, but the BBC reports they would do so in line with central European countries, not Britain.

Dublin politician Thomas Broughan, a member of the Irish Labour Party, said the proposed change could help the Republic's economy, as brighter evenings would boost tourism and create more jobs in the leisure industry.