8 Jul 2013

Protesters again take to Egyptian streets

3:37 pm on 8 July 2013

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are again on the streets of Egyptian cities, in rival shows of force by supporters and opponents of Mohammed Morsi, ousted as president by the military last week.

Mr Morsi's supporters have gathered outside a mosque and a barracks in Cairo to demand his reinstatement.

And anti-Morsi protesters are rallying in the capital's Tahrir Square.

The military has deployed troops in Cairo and other locations, the BBC reports.

Over the weekend, more than 30 people were killed and about 1,000 people injured across Egypt in protests.

An Egyptian presidential spokesperson says there is cross-party support for the Social Democratic lawyer Ziaad Bahaa el-Din to be appointed interim prime minister, Reuters reports.

He says there is also backing for the liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei as a possible interim deputy president.

Reports yesterday indicated Mr ElBaradei has been chosen as prime minister, but the Islamist Salafist Nour Party opposed his nomination.

The hardline party says it is still studying the latest nominations.