12 Jul 2013

Prison sentences follow Muslim-Buddhist killings

6:01 am on 12 July 2013

A court in Myanmar has sentenced 23 people to prison for their role in trouble between Buddhists and Muslims in which more than 40 people were killed.

The sentences ranged from two years to 15 for the killings, which included a massacre of pupils at a Muslim school in the central town of Meikhtila.

Muslims have born the brunt of communal violence, which spread from the western state of Rakhine to central areas this year.

Twelve mosques were damaged during the attacks, which spread to central regions in March after breaking out in western Rakhine state in 2012.

The 23 men convicted in the latest case were charged with murder, assault and arson.

The BBC reports at least 10 Muslims have already been sentenced for their role in the killing of a Buddhist monk.

Officials have not made clear how many Muslims were convicted during the latest trial, but newspaper reports say the majority of those arrested were Buddhists.