14 Jul 2013

Uranium processing plant cancelled after protests

11:28 am on 14 July 2013

China has reportedly cancelled plans for a uranium processing plant after almost 1000 protesters took to the streets to oppose the project.

The BBC reports the 37 billion yuan (£4 billion) project, close to the city of Jiangmen, would have provided enough fuel for around half of China's atomic energy needs. Jiangmen is 100km from Hong Kong.

The rally followed an invitation for public comments during a consultation period of only 10 days. A risk evaluation report of the planned project was published on 4 July.

Protesters said that was not long enough to debate the pros and cons of such a major project.

The Heshan government on Friday published a one-line statement saying it would respect public opinion and would not consider the project.

A BBC correspondent said environmental concerns forced the cancellation of plans for a chemical plant in the coastal city of Xiamen in 2007. There was a similar climb-down in the north-eastern city of Dalian in 2011.