28 Jul 2013

Six killed by gunman in Florida

4:08 pm on 28 July 2013

A gunman in Miami, Florida has set fire to his apartment unit, then killed six people in a shooting rampage before he was slain by police.

Police say Pedro Vargas, 42, had no known criminal history.

According to one report he started the fire in his fourth floor apartment in the Miami suburb of Hialeah by torching about $10,000 in cash he had withdrawn earlier from his savings account.

Reuters reports two building managers were killed as they ran towards the burning apartment.

A man who lived across the street was killed as he was walking towards his home.

Vargas also shot at arriving emergency personnel and police.

The gunman then went to a third-floor apartment, kicked down the door and shot dead a couple and their 17-year-old daughter.