30 Jul 2013

Coral sunscreen techniques developed by scientists

6:16 am on 30 July 2013

Scientists in Australia have developed a new sunscreen that mimics the way Great Barrier Reef corals protect themselves from UV light.

The CSIRO has spent the past two years harnessing the way the corals have survived the harsh sun of Queensland for million of years in shallow waters.

AAP reports they have discovered new UV filters that are resistant to UVA and UVB rays and have added these coral properties in a cream emulsion.

Dr Mark York said a safe and effective sunscreen for human use has been developed.

"The filters are clear in colour, virtually odourless and very stable, which makes them easy to be incorporated into any emulsion," he said.

The sunscreen is expected to be on the market within five years.

AAP reprots the CSIRO research built on work by scientists at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, who were the first to discover the natural sun screening ability of the reef's corals.