5 Aug 2013

Monsoon flooding in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan

5:44 am on 5 August 2013

Monsoon rain has caused floods in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have killed at least 80 people.

Officials said 34 died in the Sarobi district alone, around 65km east of the Afghan capital Kabul.

Afghan officials said emergency teams and supplies were being dispatched to affected areas.

The National Disaster Management Authority told AFP that hundreds of hectares of farmland have been destroyed.

Pakistan's biggest city Karachi was also badly affected, with at least 16 killed.

The BBC reports the army was called in to help a clean-up in Karachi, where some of the main roads were blocked.

Fatalities in the city were mostly due to electrocution or collapsing roofs and walls.

In 2010, Pakistan was hit by the worst monsoon floods in 80 years. Almost 1800 people were killed and 21 million people affected.