6 Aug 2013

New-born baby survived car crash

9:46 am on 6 August 2013

A baby girl in Sweden has survived a car crash, seconds after being born en route to hospital.

Mokhles Raheema was driving his wife, who was in labour, and their two elder children to a hospital in the city of Gavle.

Mr Raheema told Swedish TV he took his eyes off the road to watch his wife give birth and the car veered into a ditch and rolled four times.

When the car came to a stop, he saw his wife in the passenger seat and two children in the back conscious. But the baby girl had disappeared from sight.

He finally found her under the passenger seat.

The BBC reports the baby is in a stable condition and the rest of the family were unharmed.

"I fetched her and held her against me. She was crying," Mr Raheema said.

The BBC reports he apologised for writing off the car, which he said belonged to a friend.