7 Aug 2013

Argentine demand for Falklands restated

10:02 am on 7 August 2013

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has restated Argentine's demand for sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

At a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York on Tuesday, Ms Fernandez called on Britain to negotiate the future of the islands.

Using the Argentine name, Malvinas, she said she wanted a UN resolution urging both parties to negotiate to be enforced.

"This is not a fanciful stance. We simply want the United Nations resolution to be enforced and for our two countries to sit down and discuss this," she said.

In 1964, the United Nations passed a resolution urging Britain and Argentina to discuss the sovereignty of the islands, which Britain has ruled since 1833.

Argentina invaded the islands in April 1982, prompting Britain to send a task force of 100 ships to recapture them in a war in which 649 Argentine and 244 British troops died.

In March, Falkland Islanders voted 99.8% to remain a British territory. But Argentina rejected the vote as meaningless