18 Aug 2013

Morsi supporters call for fresh demonstrations

9:51 pm on 18 August 2013

Egyptian Islamists have called for fresh demonstrations to protest the deposing of the president Mohammed Morsi, despite the death toll from four days of clashes with security forces rising to almost 800.

The call comes as the country's military-backed rulers mull legally dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Mr Morsi is a member. A government spokesperson says the Islamist group's return to power in elections last year was "impossible".

The BBC reports that the proposal to dissolve the Brotherhood raises the stakes in the struggle for control of Egypt and if acted upon could force the organisation underground.

Despite being closely allied to Mr Morsi's government, the Brotherhood has always been technically a banned organisation after Egypt's military rulers dissolved it in 1954.

It recently registered itself as a non-governmental organisation.

Meanwhile the military-backed interim government says 250 Brotherhood supporters are being investigated on murder, attempted murder and terrorism charges.