3 Sep 2013

Australian greens expect to lose votes

9:13 am on 3 September 2013

The Australian Green Party admits it will probably lose votes in the coming federal election but still hopes to hold the balance of power in the upper house of Parliament, the Senate.

The party currently holds nine of the Senate's 76 seats.

Queensland Greens convenor Andrew Bartlett says they got their highest ever vote in 2010 but are unlikely to repeat that this year.

He says the Greens have not been helped by a campaign focused on personalities rather than the issues.

Mr Bartlett says that has been driven by a relentlessly negative campaign from opposition leader Tony Abbott since the last election.

As a result, he says, climate change is not featuring so strongly as an issue in this election as it did three years ago, and with a record number of parties standing there is also likely to be more competition for the protest vote.