4 Sep 2013

Labor fears the worst in Sydney

9:03 am on 4 September 2013

The ruling Labor Party in Australia fears it could lose many of the seats it holds in Australia's largest city, Sydney, as the Australian election campaign enters its final days.

The Labor Federal Government is widely perceived as dysfunctional, and in New South Wales, voters view the state Labor Party with even more distaste, Radio New Zealand's political editor reports.

The previous New South Wales state government was beset by scandal, and some former Labor ministers have been found to be corrupt by an independent commission.

In 2011, the party suffered a thumping defeat in the state election, winning just 20 seats in the 93-seat lower house.

Senior Labor party people say the party's failings in Sydney will have a negative effect on Labor's share of the vote in this Saturday's federal election.

In a worst-case scenario, Labor could lose up to nine of the 15 federal seats it holds in the city.