6 Sep 2013

Coalition endorsed by Australian papers

5:23 am on 6 September 2013

Major newspapers in Australia are almost unanimous in declaring their support for the Coalition to form the next government in the federal election on Saturday.

The Australian says allowing the Labor party time out from governing will be "an act of kindness".

AAP reports the paper says the opposition has only had to convince Australians it can control the nation's borders, its parliament and its purse strings to win the argument hands down.

It says under Labor, Australia has become a harder place to make a dollar, and time and again the national interest has been sacrificed in pursuit of sectional gains by both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

By contrast, it says Coalition leader Tony Abbott has proved to be the most patient and effective opposition leader since Gough Whitlam.

To put it simply, the West Australian believes it's time for a change. It says the level of dysfunction, incompetence and poor judgment that has characterised affairs in Canberra, should make the decision an easy one.

The paper argues that the revolving door of the prime ministership from Mr Rudd to Ms Gillard and back has confused and angered Australians but the problems go much deeper.

"On almost any measure, this Labor Government has been a failure," it says.

In contrast, Tony Abbott has "run a controlled campaign and presented as a measured, mature politician heading a stable frontbench with proved experience in government".

The NT News says Labor has lost its mandate and it's also backing the opposition.

"The Labor Federal Government has gone troppo," the newspaper says. "And that's being kind. It has lost the ability - and the right - to lead."

The Hobart Mercury says Mr Abbott should lead a government with "a new fire in the belly" after six years of Labor infighting.

"We have had enough of leadership spills, popularity contests and internal party wrangling," the newspaper says.

"We believe Tony Abbott is the best man to reignite the hope, purpose, enthusiasm and enterprise for this great nation."

The Herald Sun in Melbourne says Mr Abbott has proven himself to be a strong leader while Mr Rudd has lost his credibility by flip-flopping and playing populist politics.

AAP reports the paper says it's fully endorsing Mr Abbott because he's led such a cohesive coalition team and presented a safe and assured plan for the future.

"Labor has lost its way as well as its heart. It has chosen to stoke class war to gain political advantage.

"Tony Abbott has matured as a leader. He has gained people's trust to do a tough job in tough economic times."