7 Sep 2013

Death penalty for man who set fire to factory

10:01 am on 7 September 2013

A court in China has sentenced a man to death for setting fire to his former workplace because of unpaid wages.

About 30 garment workers were in the factory in Shantou, a city in southern Guangdong province, at the time of the blaze last December and 14 of them died.

Liu Shuangyun said he started the fire because the boss of the firm refused to pay him about $US500.

Xinhua news agency said Liu, a migrant worker from central Hunan province, spent $US6.50 on petrol used to start the fire.

The BBC reports he was captured several hours later. In an interview broadcast on state media the next day he said his former boss kept docking his wages.

"I decided firmly to take revenge on him," he said.