9 Sep 2013

Journalists arrive with asylum seekers

10:59 pm on 9 September 2013

Two journalists have arrived on Christmas Island after travelling by sea on an asylum seeker boat heading for Australia.

One of the men is American, the other is Dutch, and it is understood they are badly sunburnt after three days at sea, the ABC reports.

Australia's Immigration Department has confirmed they arrived with valid travel documents and visas.

It is understood the pair, one a photographer, are now talking to federal police but it is not clear whether they will face any charges.

Someone on the asylum seeker boat called for help on Sunday morning, asking for food and water.

A Navy ship found the boat roughly two-and-a-half hours later, gave those on board food and water and escorted them to Christmas Island.

Customs officials say there were 57 passengers and two crew on board.

There is speculation the journalists are from The New York Times.