13 Sep 2013

Uranium shipments won't go through reef: Qld govt

1:16 pm on 13 September 2013

The state government in Queensland says there are no plans to ship uranium through the Great Barrier Reef and says any such claims are a scare tactic.

A uranium strategy was tabled in parliament on Thursday. Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said there are no plans to ship uranium through the state's ports and conservationists are using scare tactics.

"This is typical of the conservation movement's scare tactics," he told the ABC on Friday.

"The document that we released yesterday makes it very clear that uranium commercially developed in Queensland won't be exported out of a port in Queensland.

"It's most likely to go out of the port at Adelaide or Darwin."

Uranium mining was banned in Queensland in 1989 and the material has not been mined since 1982. AAp reports the state government lifted the moratorium last year.