8 Oct 2013

Mass evacuations ahead of typhoon hitting China

12:33 am on 8 October 2013

Powerful Typhoon Fitow has made landfall in eastern China after triggering the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.

At least two people have been killed by the typhoon, state-run news agency Xinhua reported. It says 800,000 people were told to evacuate and 65,000 boats recalled to shore.

With winds up to 151km/h, the storm landed in Fujian province early on Monday, bringing heavy rains and causing widespread power cuts, the BBC reports.

Some homes are said to have collapsed in neighbouring Zhejiang province and two port workers are missing.

The authorities earlier issued the highest alert - red - for the area.

Chinese meteorologists say Typhoon Fitow - named after a flower - made landfall at 01:15 local time on Monday in the city of Fuding.

They warned that some areas in Fujian and Zhejiang could see more than 200mm of rain in the coming hours.